Clock Repair – Raleigh / Wake Forest

Clock Repair - Raleigh / Wake Forest


We are highly experienced and professionally trained in all phases of clock repair and will expertly and professionally restore your treasured heirloom timepiece with the care and the respect it deserves.



Clocktiques performs the following work on a clock when we repair or refurbish:


Take apart the timepiece

Clean and oil

Inspect all gears

Check main springs


Polish Pivots

Send dial for restoration if needed

Get parts manufactured to replace if needed

Clean and lubricate


Adjust escapement

Regulate clock



Run and inspect for at least ten days


We specialize in mechanical clock movement repairs for all Wall clocks, Grandfather and Mantel clocks.



We service and repair Chiming, Cuckoo, 31 and 400 day clocks, and Ships bell clocks.







When possible, we use historically correct repair techniques and original parts when available. We have the capability and tools to make parts that are no longer available. We are experts at clockwork mechanisms for many types of Grandfather, Wall, and Mantel clocks from the 1700's up to modern day.

floor clock

We setup and repair floor clocks.


We also make house calls


Again, bring in the clock or make an appointment for us to visit your home to determine what needs to be done and we will provide you with an estimate before starting the work.


Moving we can assist in preparing your clocks for the move. If you just moved to the area we can assist in the set-up of your clocks at their new home.


We will attempt to estimate all the necessary repairs your clock needs. However, it is difficult to evaluate all damage in a fully assembled clock.


Clocks are very precisely made instruments, and their movements are under great forces of stress. It is not uncommon to find damaged parts after disassembly. Be assured that no additional, unauthorized work will be performed on your clock without your express approval.


We will endeavor to provide you with all appropriate options for maximizing your timepiece's performance within your budget.